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    jamesnesc709 Guest

    PS3 systems red screen of death (RSOD) help?

    why i am making this post because i want to know what models of ps3 have these problems with the red screen of death (RSOD). here is all of the models that are known to get affected by the red screen of death theses are not modded systems at all . V= versions of the ps3 models.

    V5= Jxx the regions are JO0,J02,JO3,JO4
    Kxx the regions are KO1,KO2,K03,KO4,KO5,KO6,KO7,KO8,K11,K12.

    V6= Lxx the regions are L00,L01,L02,L03,L04,L05,L06,L07,L08,L11,L12
    Mxx the region is M03
    Pxx the regions are P00,P01,P03,P04,P05,P06,P07,P12
    Qxx the region is Q00

    there will be a fix soon couple of people are working on it as we speak.

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    severusx Guest
    This really isn't the place for thing kind of thing. I'm not sure what your point is, but when you have something more concrete than "there will be a fix soon couple of people are working on it" then post it back as news and it will be reviewed.

    Thread closed.

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