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Thread: PS3 System Version Info question help?

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    madirish76 Guest

    PS3 System Version Info question help?

    OK, i am VERY confused... I have a PHAT that was 3.41 originally and i recently brought it up to 3.55 and then installed KMEAW 3.55 and Multiman.

    I have also added packages for the following games:

    Need For Speed Most Wanted
    Borderlands 2 DLC with 3.55 FIX
    Metal Gear Rising with 3.55 FIX

    My wife installed the Borderlands 2 Game update to 1.03 and i don't know what else... My Borderlands 2 didn't open after she did whatever she did... So i panicked and checked the system info. I saw it is now at 4.25??

    I went to try my other games, and they all work fine. SO then i saw System info under Multiman and it says i am at 3.55 Hermes. What am i on, and why are they different?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Longshot Guest
    The Borderlands update could need higher Firmware than 3.55...

    Just go to your installed Gamedate and delete the update... or the installed file there Start again. install again... start game... should work

    But if you are on kmeaw you should go over to rebug 4.21.2 better choice and less hassle with eboots

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    Azrial Guest
    Which is better, Rebug 4.21.2 or Rogero 4.30 v2.05?

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    madirish76 Guest
    Thanks for the info!! I did delete the Game Data files for Borderlands... both the DLC and what i perceived as the Update... and the game now works. My concern is that i am now on 4.25.

    Am i no longer on 3.55 KMEAW, and am i now on 4.25 and i am screwed forevermore... or am i really still on 3.55? I have been considering going to a different CFW, which i will prob do in the near future...but if i am no longer on 3.55, then i cant go to a newer CFW.

    I don't understand how my normal dashboard says i am at a 4.25 FW, when MM says 3.55... DO i need to redo the FW?

    Am i really on 3.55?

    Thanks Again for being patient with a NEWB

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    pinkone Guest
    It sounds like you're on 3.55 with a 4.25 spoof installed.

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    madirish76 Guest
    pinkone... thanks for confirming... anyway to delete the spoof so i can install a higher CFW?

    I don't know how the spoof got there...

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    pinkone Guest
    Have you used anything to allow you to get on PSN? You should be ably to update in recovery mode. I'd first update to Rebug 3.55.4 and enable QA flag with Rebug toolbox and then update to Rebug 4.21.2.

    Here is the post with the Rebug links and info:

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    madirish76 Guest
    Pinkone, No, I dont go on PSN... I did try to install some package a while ago (SEN or something), but i dont think it works for PSN anymore. Thanks for the tip with using recovery mode! I will give that a shot.

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    pinkone Guest
    It was probably SEN Enabler, it spoofs your system. You can use SEN disabler to restore it.

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    dhaferalashwal Guest
    thank for information

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