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    [UnAnswered] PS3 System Update using Safe Mode?

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    When using PlayStation 3's System Update within the Safe Mode menu, are you able to re-install the same firmware the system is already running? For example, a PS3 has firmware 3.15 installed and it becomes corrupt. If I put firmware 3.15 a USB drive and select System Update while in Safe Mode will I be able to reinstall a fresh version of the 3.15 firmware?

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    In Theory Yes. But mostly the PS3 doesn't get corrupt and second if the PS3 really breaks the menu won't save you sorry

    PS: to be safe QA Flag before an update

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    Thanks for the reply.

    What do you mean by "QA Flag before an update"?

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    Yes you can reinstall same firmware from XMB or Recovery

    If you update to 3.41 or 3.55 CFW and wish to go higher than that on CFW, then run Toggle_qa first.


    If you are having issues with the firmware, then you should run option 3 in Recovery and see if it helps.
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    Yes you can definitely put your current firmware you are running on a flash drive and re-install it. Same thing happened to me before and that's what I did.


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