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    Jun 2010

    PS3 system update after stuck in rsod help?

    hello there. I've a big problem for now. I was record a video for explaining my problem, here is the video:

    how can I fix this? thank you...

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    Oct 2012
    Try an RSOD fix, I'm not too sure though but i think it should/may fix the problem, um how did this happen if i may ask ? did you install something from YouTube ? Is it a firmware problem, like a firmware flash gone bad ??

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    Jul 2012
    Check this thread. This info might help you with the RSOD issue, but make sure you research and read all the info you can about it first. The "safe" way requires a device (a dongle, a TI-84 calculator, a PSP or an iphone) to toggle Factory Service Mode. Hope you get it going again.


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    Feb 2012
    pandulce1 helped me with this. Since NOTHEROS-RSOD.PUP link is off, I'm uploading It to mediafire, give me a few mins and I'll post It here.

    rsod fix pkg: http://www.mediafire.com/?1ufn21s88hra4zb

    Here you go.

    NOTHEROS-RSOD.PUP: http://www.mediafire.com/?1ufn21s88hra4zb

    Just noticed pandulce1 posted here. Hai

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    Oct 2012
    are you wireless and bluetooth have problem?? they have a fix for that

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