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    azaxsyn Guest

    Question PS3 system restore question

    ok, so i wanted to do a fresh install on my ps3, i did a full format using the format utility (which took 9 hours).

    after it finished i entered the ps3 recovery menu and did Restore PS3 System which took like 10 seconds , so my question is, is it because i did a full format before? or something is wrong?


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    Apr 2005


    I haven't done one myself, but that sounds correct (the formatting takes awhile, the restore settings doesn't).

    Here is some specific information about the PS3 System Restore and exactly what it does and doesn't do:


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    azaxsyn Guest
    ^thanks for the reply mate, well it says that "When you perform this operation, all data on the hard disk will be deleted..."

    i guess it took 10 sec' because i did full format before.

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