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    [UnAnswered] PS3 system restore

    Just woundering if you have upgraded your ps3 can you use the system restore to restore to original firmware or does it just format to the installed firmware thats on there now?

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    It only formats to the current Firmware... it won't 'downgrade' your PS3 Firmware to a previous version. Currently the only way to do that is having a back-up made from your own PS3 with an Infectus mod-chip installed.

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    Well thanks for the info Made Man to bad my brother in law rented a game and updated my ps3 1.10 to 1.51 us version. Well hope there will be some light soon. Tring not to upgrade anymore and haven't even played anything on it besides r:fom and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and thats what he updated with
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    1.51 isnt too bad say the gods at paradox. dont go any higher if you wanna possible be able to hack it they say. use the resistance swap or one like it to load your rented games in the future.

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    dont feel bad my brother came by while i was working and updated my ps3 via the net to the 1.90 firmware (no hacks for me)

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