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Thread: PS3 system restore?

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    ipivica Guest

    PS3 system restore?

    i have problem with my ps3 on 3.41. i backed up my soul calibur 4(backed up in 15minutes) and tryed to start it. it didnt work and i try to exit game (middle ps button on yostick) and ps3 restarted itself. i turned it of from back. ejected usb and put it back in.turned power back on, pressed turn on then eject. here comes the problem. my usbpic wont blink fast the way it should,it blinks normal. it boots into ps3 but it still recognizes usbpic. so i go and try to start backup manager but it gives me error 80029567. ftp also.

    CD was out the whole time. i have no regular usbs in ps3. i also tryed starting soul calibur 4 after that with CD and it goes into game completely normal but ps3 fans turn on and start blowing like crazy.

    Can i reformat drive and install 3.41 back normally?
    Or can i just do system restore to?


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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    If it not blinks correctly then the JB mode is not activated. Just try it agin untill it will blinks right.

    If not - you can indeed reformat your hard drive or try to do system restore but backup all your data / game saves first. Reformating the hard drive or using the system reset will NOT remove your FW.

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    ipivica Guest
    I've restored system,but it didnt ask me to install firmware after reformat.usbpic still doesnt work. maybe i should reinstall 3.41 from usb or reflash my usbpic??

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