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    ps3 surround sound

    ok i am using a hdmi to carry sound to my tv and then i use a toslink cable to output from tv to my theater system. It was working fine on call of duty 4 and i was getting lot of kills but it suddently stopped working and i only hear sound from my tv

    what can be the problem?

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    Not sure why you would be getting this problem. Maybe your toslink cable has gone kaput. Anyway wouldn't it be better to go from your PS3 straight to your theatre system via the HDMI or toslink cable. And then in turn send the video on to your TV via a HDMI.

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    I'd look at the cable too. Try it directly into the amp (as possibly your TV output is the problem)

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    Not sure what the sound problem can be. The PS3 doesn't do dual output for audio. I wish it would.

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    Unhappy Amp turns itself off with surround option

    Hey, im getting similar troubles. Im using a HDMI cable (for video) and using an optical cable for sound. When i select surround on the amp, i can play a blu-ray or game for alittle bit until a loud explosion occurs or something in-game. Then the amp will just turn itself off. Im really not sure whats going on here, but i havent tried just direct sound from hdmi. You would think having an optical cable the sound should improve...
    set-up: the tv is a sony bravia 32" and the amp is an onkyo stereo, and klipsch speakers.

    any ideas (maybe even recommended sound settings for the ps3)?

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