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    kamiyashuu Guest

    PS3 Super Slim prospects help?

    So I have recently seen the news with the progress being made with CFW. That got me interested in finally getting my first PS3.

    Unfortunately, I looked at the first page about the 4.3 CFWs and they have all mostly said something along the lines of 'works with all models'. This made me think I would be good to literally get any model, which in my case, is the new super slim because it was the same price as the old ones and everyone was saying the specs were the same anyway. So I bought a super slim. Since then I have read many different things on sites like this one about putting a CFW on a ps3.

    Needless to say I'm under the impression that the new super slim is a lost cause at the moment. From what I have read, it seems like it is completely impossible to downgrade. My question to anyone willing to help is this: should I leave my superslim at the 4.25 ofw its at now and wait for a possible downgrade/cfw in the future? Or, should I just update it to the latest ofw and use it legitimately? Do I have any other options with the superslim right now?

    And more impotantly, do you think I will have any new options in the near future? I'm fine with speculation. It seems like the scene is promising lately but I'm not deep enough to know what could possibly be in the works in the future. I really have read a lot about this stuff but a lot of sites are contradicting so I'd just rather ask some people instead of just guessing which sites are just fishing for fools. Thanks in advance for any advice you have for me.

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    G Sus Guest
    i'd say don't update it unless you really want to play online, all games work in 4.25 ofw anyway. its unlikely the super slim will get cfw anytime soon, vut it will do you no harm staying on 4.25 just incase.

    at the moment all cfw requires 3.55 fw to be installed on. but that could change in the future, and there is people working on ways to flash fw onto ps3s above 3.55 using hardware flashers, if they perfect it, i assume they will work on doing it to the super slims too.

    id' suggest keeping an eye on ps3news front page regularly and be careful what you read on other ps3 websites, a lot of them tell you its cfw 4.31 and really supply you with either ofw 4.31 or a faulty pup that will brick your ps3.

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    abeetude Guest
    very good advise G Sus, i have to agree, don't update and keep any eye on the out on the front page

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