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    kotoi Guest

    PS3 Super Slim jailbreak help?

    i wanna buy a superslim ps3. can it be modified so i can play backup games?

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    Azrial Guest
    I believe you would need a dongle to downgrade newer firmware consoles, but I'm not 100%, I'm sure somebody else will verify of correct me.

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    Sinister3113 Guest
    Newbie here, just trying to get some info on how to mod my PS3 to play my backup games...

    I have the first original PS3 that came out, would anyone be able to tell me if i could mod it?... appreciate any help...

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    kotoi Guest
    Sinister - the old ps3 consoles are pretty easy to mod of all i know

    1 You need to be on ofw 3.55 if you are lower u need to upgrade and if higher you need to downgrade
    2 now from that ofw you can install a cfw 4.21 for ex witch allows you to install backup games managers (like multiman)

    For both downgrade and then cfw you find tutorials on this site

    Azrial - so there is no way to downgrade a superslim ps3 without a dongle, just with a .PUP?

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    jpond83 Guest
    No. You cannot jailbreak it.

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    racer0018 Guest
    As stated before you can not downgrade the ps3s that are models 3000s or 4000s. You need to get the right Cech 2501a or b. so your best bet would be to get cech2001a or b or 2101a or b. thanks.

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    Undertaker0885 Guest
    at the brand new rather not

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