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Thread: PS3 stuck in service mode help?

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    wadtalkingyou Guest

    PS3 stuck in service mode help?


    I forgotten my previous firmware was either 3.55/3.56... I downgraded to 3.41 and in the service mode, system setting shown i have 3.41 firmware... I tried putting lv2diag (file 2) into my usb and the ps3 doesn't exit from service mode.

    Any help?


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    shummyr Guest
    If it was 3.56 you are sol until 3.56 or newer gets custom firmware or a downgrader.

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    wadtalkingyou Guest

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    That means out of luck, pretty much.

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    wadtalkingyou Guest
    oh i see, but if i was at 3.56 shouldnt i unable to downgrade to 3.41? But my ps3 now was at 3.41 in service mode...

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    Natepig Guest
    Try to download the lv2diag (file 2) from a different source and try and use that. If you did indeed attempt to downgrade from 3.56, like the previous poster stated, you are stuck till a solution surfaces. I would advise greater caution in the future to avoid things like this.

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    wadtalkingyou Guest
    haha, i tried using another EXT hdd and its work... now its out of service mode on 3.41... going to upgrade back to 3.55 thanks...

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