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Thread: PS3 stuck in firmware upgrade loop help?

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    blueuk808 Guest

    PS3 stuck in firmware upgrade loop help?

    Hi - if anyone has any ideas or thoughts on the below they would be very much appreciated.

    I bought a second hand PS3 without blu-ray drive for use as a media center. Being a noob at this, I went ahead and upgraded from 3.42 to 3.5, and obivously without the Blu-ray drive, the update fails around the 70% mark.

    I had a logic board which was supposed to be matched to the mb, and used the blu-ray player from another ps3 connected to the logic board,however either it was not the correct logic board, or there is a connection problem with the ribbon cable into the motherboard (the clip has broken off) but I was unable to get the update to finish.

    I have tried different hard drives and managed to get into the restore menu, but can't do anything from there even with firmware on a usb stick.

    I'd be happy to get back to 3.42 if I could somehow wipe the upgrade call. But just wondered whether anyone had any ideas or is this one consigned to the bin?

    Thanks in advance

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    SnoopDo2G Guest
    If you got the psjailbreak or e3 you can now use the downgrade/upgrade as you wish and it will re-marry any board i think because i just unbricked a 20 GB console that was like broken... it was in constant update loop too and stuck at 60% update... But now it is working well

    I am thankful to psjb team for that, without em i think no one would have released anything... (even though they have the worst business plan)

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    BwE Guest
    put the drive back and do it via service mode.


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    blueuk808 Guest
    SnoopDo2g - Thanks for your reply. Afraid I only have a ps3break, so at the minute, no downgrading. But hopefully might be some good news soon.

    sk group - thanks for the advice - I'm trying to find out how to put it into service mode, and whether there is currently a way to do this without JB. Or should I hang on to see if ps3break come out with the downgrader? Any advice?

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    Service mode = jailbreak mode

    So put the correct file on the jailbreakstick and switch the power off. insert the stick and switch all on.

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    BwE Guest
    you need the e3 card reader or any applicable device.

    from here you can live your dreams <3

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    DeViL303 Guest
    I have managed to upgrade ps3 firmware with only the logic board connected,I went from 3.15 to 3.41, I have read that this doesnt work but I have done it. just the power and large ribbon cable connected to board, no drive at all, if you still have no luck try buy a replacement ribbon cable as these get damaged very easily, if you think its the little clip then try doing this with board half out of machine so you can put pressure onto the cable down onto metal contacts, only light pressure as you dont want to do anymore damage.

    Try doing this at each end of ribbon cable seperatly for the duration of update.

    Of course if you have a device for getting into service mode it will make it easier

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    elser1 Guest
    ps3 break have annouced a downgrader... it's not available yet, as i guess they have to wait to get it from somewhere else... and then put it on their site.

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    blueuk808 Guest
    Thanks very much Devil - I used the drive and cables from my working ps3 and having put them back in they are still working, so I know the ribbon is ok - it must be the connection to the broken clip (or my ham fingers not applying pressure correctly). But I'll try again - perhaps I can catch it one time. Getting sick of pulling apart ps3's!!!

    Reading your post are you saying you got the upgrade to work to work just by normal means or were u in Factoy / Service mode at the time.

    Roll on ps3break downgrade!

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    So like the others said. Stay on 3.50 use the downgrader, and try to update to 3.50, just to try if it works. If not, stay on 3.41 so you can use it for Jailbreak. 3.42 don't bring anything new, just a security add and keys to play.

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