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Thread: PS3 Stuck disc help?

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    Russeltheoneeye Guest

    PS3 Stuck disc help?

    I have a disc stuck in in my playstation 3. I think my little one might have tried to put another one in while it was in there. Any help on getting it out?

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    technodon Guest
    hold the eject button while turing on the ps3

    otherwise you will have to take the console apart and unscrew the blue ray drive and remove the disc that way

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    mandc2002 Guest
    thats if you have the FAT ps3

    if you have the slim, you must unplug it while holding the eject button and then lug it back in

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    racer0018 Guest
    I would take it apart anyway and take the disc out that way. Thanks

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    Russeltheoneeye Guest
    I tried taking it apart but got stuck on the disc drive. Any tips on getting it apart without breaking it.

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    elser1 Guest
    try this or search for another

    i wrecked the first one i pulled apart but ps3 was totally stuffed anyways. be careful as they are delicate and very tricky if you dont do it right.

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