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    kmoldps3 Guest

    PS3 stopped reading games, any suggestions?

    My PS3 stopped reading Games. Whats weird I can watch standard dvd's and play audio cd's but I cannot play my ps3 game nor watch blu-ray movies anymore.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?


    Edit: Did more reading and came across an option which may work. Considering I replaced the laser already could my Drive board (The board attached to the bottom of the BD Drive) be bad?

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    shalina Guest


    Maybe you bought a dead laser, or the fuse of the laser blown. this often happens if you buy cheap lasers made in china

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    ati93 Guest


    i think it too , ask to sony for repair is best.

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    fifi5 Guest
    If changing the laser doesn't help, its mostly the driver board that's bad. You can't just buy another and put it there, coz of the nand flash that has a key which is connected to another one on the motherboard. Replacing the driver board with your nand flash is really hard and you can easly destroy it. If it's not the laser, you have to call sony for a repiar. My driver board is dead now ;(

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    benjmole1 Guest


    Ebay it up? Just a thought..

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