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    artzeke Guest

    PS Button BnW PS3 slow copying games to external hdd help?

    i put all my games in an external harddrive so i could play all my ps3 games. and my question is, is it normal that the speed rate of putting a game in a external hard drive is really slow?

    like now i just finished copying injustice and it took me an hour before it finished. i dont know if my hard drive is faulty or my cable just sucks

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    misiozol Guest
    So it goes like this , if your external hdd is FAT32 then games that have large amount of single files will go reeeely slow like hours , but game of same size that have only couple of files like dozen will go in mater of minutes , problem here is ancient file system of FAT32

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    windrider42 Guest
    Could be your computer as well. I can copy quite quickly to FAT32 external hdd's. But I also have a very high end computer.

    Also depends upon what brand or make of external hdd. They have different speeds as well. A few factors as said above determine the rate of transfer speed.

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    drphuz Guest
    Maybe try different file system. Pros and cons of fat over ntfs but with the something like webman it makes life easier.

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    Jitsuryoku Guest
    Uhm, this is a long shot, but try a game with low file count.

    In I've had a few games that took me 30-40 minutes to copy (I think Twisted Metal was one of them with like 16.000 files) and then others with few hundreds copy within 8-10 minutes.

    If even the low file count files take long I can suggest can only suggest a simple copy test. Copy a file from HDD to the same HDD and measure time. Do the same for both the PS3 and external HDD.

    It is quite possible that HDD is failing therefore slowing down the transfer speed, but it's pretty uncommon for stationary systems.

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