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Thread: PS3 slims turns off automatically please help?

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    Xubair Guest

    PS3 slims turns off automatically please help?

    hello everyone, my ps3 slim turns off automatically.some it turns off instantly some time turns off after 4 or 5 mins. i have checked all videos on you tube regarding this prob which shows to open the psu and turn the variable to counter clockwise just a bit but when i opens my ps3 it doesn't have the two turn able things on it.

    i have the ps3 psu aps270 delta powers supply and one more thing some time it runs for a long period off time and some time it goes off instantly. no ylod.

    just power off prob. can some one please help me in how do i check my psu and how can i connect it to atx pc psu. please help me detailed i mean make of video or images for this fix it will be really help full. super thanks to all in advance

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    windrider42 Guest
    What model number is the PS3 It could be PSU, or it could just be overheating and showing signs of YLOD coming. So you may need to get it reballed to fix it.

    There is a video on youtube connecting ps3 to atx pc psu:

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    torres2005 Guest
    Its overheating the memory modules its seems like a BGA problem most likely but a reballing maybe solve for now, but its 50 50 chance his turn on again after the process

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