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Thread: PS3 slim weird YLOD help?

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    tuni8390 Guest

    PS3 slim weird YLOD help?


    I got a PS3 slim 120 Gb to repair. First it wouldn't turn on so i changed the Power Supply Unit and it changed something. Now the PS3 turns on, shows a quick yellow light after the green one, beeps three times and goes to blinking red. It seems to be a classic YLOD but 1 out of 5 five times, it turns on and keeps going but the screen remains black.

    I can put in and eject a blu-ray and i hear the PS3 reading it but that's it. I changed the thermal paste and put a brand new artic silver but it's still the same. It was 3,5g for the two chips so maybe it's not enough... What do you think?

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    h82skate1968 Guest
    Did your console have an e3 installed? I have found on 2 units that if you install the flasher and turn the unit on without the hard drive or Blu Ray drive connected (not sure which one causes the problem) the screen will go black and there will be no usb activity. I have yet to confirm this and I have not been able to recover from it either. May have something to do with your problem.

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    tuni8390 Guest
    No E3 in the PS3 and i'm even pretty sure the console had never been opened before i did. The sticker was well in place when i got it.

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    Anger007 Guest
    ok from the top - no video with green light is a very common fault for the ps3 slim, also a reflow probably wouldnt go wrong to attempt to fix it but im not convinced it is needing reflowed. i assume you tried video out with different cables (hdmi, component, composite) and i also assume you did a video reset? (power of console power on and hold for second beep).

    as for the red light problem there seems to be a weakness in the design of the psu in slims as it is more susceptible to red light simply due to the psu being slightly out of calibration. (and yes you can recalibrate it but once its underway its a loosing battle). the psu could cause both problems so i would start by replacing it or possibly you could try the recalibrate trick (search youtube).

    also if you decide to do the calibrate trick be careful those psus can kill - for the cost i would just consider replacing the psu and just hope that cures it.

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    AKmania Guest
    i think you need to reball the rsx. i got a ps3 just similar like yours and i ask some one to reball and it works.

    i think you might wanna try it too.

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    BlackStallion Guest
    seems the slims a bit more popular for a video failure with the RSX where as the fats were the processor.. that of course being because they had larger ones.. but the 1 out of 5 times has got me.. you could have gotten some stray paste in the system. could be a short somewhere. id try a thorough cleaning before trying a reball as you could save yourself a hundred bucks or so. although i would recommend one sooner rather than later.

    as a side note.. most of my experience is with fats. so i could be wrong.. worth a shot though

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    tuni8390 Guest
    Since the psu is totally new, it seems like the only problem left is CPU/GPU related. I'm going to gather info about reballing and give it a try if it's worth it. Thanks

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