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Thread: PS3 Slim shuts off after one second help?

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    testermuse Guest

    PS3 Slim shuts off after one second help?

    Hello, I have a PS3 Slim model CECH-2001B. As the title stated the PS3 slim shuts off after pushing the power button. Here the info I have so far.

    -Power supply unit was replaced {(problem still persists)} with supposedly the same model EADP-220BB. Bought it off ebay for $40, while the shell of the PSU states the same model number as the original, it weighs less and the components are arranged differently as seen through the vent holes. Can't open it they super glued the screw in place.

    -When I push the power button I hear a single beep and the see the backlight of the buttons light up then shuts off, no fan spin or HDD spin also no indicator lights. I have to disconnect and reconnect the AC power cable to get back into standby so I can't go in recovery menu. Tried 4 different cables

    -When I push the eject button just hear 3 beeps (nothing is inside of Bluray drive). Cannot get the "fan test" to work just powers off like when I push the power button.

    Any suggestions are appreciated, I might of received a bad replacement PSU but have no multimeter to test it.

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    jackkiej Guest
    i think it is a brick, how did this all happen?

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    testermuse Guest
    Well, it's not mine, it's a friends. I know for a fact that he wasn't flashing a cfw on it and when I opened the Bluray drive I found a kids movie. I also found a sticky residue underneath the motherboard on the plastic shell, don't want to jump on water damage because of the EMI shield surrounding the motherboard. No reported problems for YLOD.

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    technodon Guest
    you need to install a flasher solder the nor tristate wire and make a nor backup then check that your backup has no corrupted data and manually patch the nor backup with 3.55 coreOS then flash it back to your console.

    the power supply unit is fine by the way.

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    rodq Guest
    Super Glue?? NICE!!! I wonder if there are any "missing" parts inside...

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    testermuse Guest
    Don't I need a valid nor backup to inject console specific files to the working dump? assuming its been corrupted. Also can this only happen when updating your firmware and failing due to loss of power or a bad flash file? I'll have to ask him next time what exactly he was doing when this happened.

    I was looking at the Progskeet instead of the E3 since I work with xbox 360 also. Haven't gotten too deep into flashing just installing cfw on dvd drives, etc. And thank you for your time and suggestions.

    Another question, isn't possible to solder a wire to the nor tristate point going to a ground point to see if it forces the PS3 to stay on and accept writes to the nor. Don't want to go off blindly buying things like I did with the PSU.

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    jackkiej Guest
    you can solder good, right?

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    testermuse Guest
    Went ahead with the soldering after finding the correct motherboard diagram, soldered the nor tristate point to a ground point on the board.

    Didn't make a differences still powers off after a second. Have to reconnect the AC cord to get back into standby, and fan test still doesn't work.

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