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    darkey Guest

    PS3 Slim Rsod to Rlod help?

    Hey guys please help me my ps3 got RSOD then RLOD its 320gb slim it had rogero cfw 3.7 so i tried to install a spoofer it overwritten dev file's and boom rsod i tried installing ofw 3.55 and it went rlod help me please i never opened the ps3's hardware

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    drphuz Guest
    3.7? why? Are you on DEX? one problem could be you tried to downgrade using a ofw. bad move. if what I tell you doesn't work you will have to use a flasher. OK TRY THIS...

    download 999 downgrader
    rename it and put it on a usb (/ps3/update/)
    Unplug it. leave it unplugged for 2 minutes.
    use your a/v cords not hdmi cord.
    put in your usb flash with 9.99 downgrade in.
    hold power down let console turn on and off.
    release power. hold power down again til it beeps five times, let go of power.
    IMMEDIATELY tap eject. you will be in a recovery mode.
    do your firmware update. let it reboot and you should be fine.

    In the future remember you can't downgrade with ofw. you have to use a cfw to get back on an 3.55 then ofw, then 3.55cfw and then your current cfw of choice. I am a firm believer in REBUG. I can easily go from any higher cfw to 3.55 and bypass a couple steps.

    hope this helps.

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    misiozol Guest
    Have you try to do it via recovery mode install CFW?, do you have copy of your flash so you can reflash it ?

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    mushy409 Guest
    RLOD = powering off after 3-5 seconds = full brick.

    From experience your only hope is hardware flasher/unbricking.

    When installing FW from USB you don't need to press power then eject - this is only needed with a FSM dongle. Simply power up the console and it will initialize the LV2diag.self from the USB automatically if found.

    If its instant power off then you're in need of a flasher & some experience in flash rebuilding

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    drphuz Guest
    crazy he was on 3.7 anyway. what was that like a hybrid 3.55 anyway? if I remember that firmware wasn't dehashed and the qa flag wasn't turned on... he may have to flash no matter what.

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    racer0018 Guest
    Yes he will have to use a hardware flasher. Thanks.

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    darkey Guest
    Thank for your support guy's I will try and report back

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