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    Jan 2013

    Big Grin PS3 Slim OFW 4.31 to any CFW help?

    Hi, I'm a beginner PS3 Slim user OFW 4.31 and I can't load any CFW, why? Are some way, except a flasher to get CFW in my PS3?

    Nice Forum, I've wandered a lot of webs of PS3 and I think this is one of the best and more serious in the world! Congratulations to all!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Feb 2013

    New PS3 for Custom Firmware help?

    hi i want to get a new ps3 since my first gen is dead i can only find super slims where i live and i wanted to ask if it is possible to jailbreak it?

    I've read all over the internet and some people say that that will never happen and some say that you can use rogero to jailbreak. I'm confused, can you jailbreak a super slim as of today? i really don't want to be stuck with a ps3 i can't jailbreak

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