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    Vest1ge Guest

    PS3 Slim Downgrade Issues help?


    I'm pretty new to the PS3 modding scene, however have been modding Xbox360 consoles for a while.

    I'm trying to downgrade my second PS3 Slim. SECH 2002. I have a progskeet with the 360Clip 56 for NOR. As well as the 48 for the Xbox's

    I have read the NOR, patched it. Then checked with a hex editor it was patched. Flashed it onto the console, and had problems verifying, but read and checked it again, looks good.

    However I can't get it into service mode with my PS3Key set to downgrade. (tested this on my 60GB PS3 on CFW and works fine)

    Any ideas?

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    racer0018 Guest
    Did you compare the dump with the downgrade bin you made. The verification is important, what driver are you using and what winskeet are using. Also what windows are you using. I would also like add that you have to make sure that the clip is set perfect, if not you will get bad reads. How many dumps did you make. Thanks.

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    Vest1ge Guest
    Compare to dump to the downgrade bin in which way? I visually checked my 3 dumps, using a hex editor. I'm using the latest Winskeet 111205 from Progskeets website, and the latest drivers on Windows 7 Premium 64Bit. The clip was set correctly, I have used the 46 on xbox 360s before, and are aware of its positioning problems.

    Forgot to add the console still turns on to the 4.11 menu, after a decent delay. I'm using WinSkeet 111205. And the latest drivers from the ProgSkeet website on Windows 7 Prem X64

    I checked my 3 dumps visually using a hex editor. And don't know how to compare my downgrade file to them. Other than seeing that the patches were added at the correct address.

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    technodon Guest
    extract your dump with flowrebuilder then check ros0 and ros1 double click sdk_version in both and open them with notepad or a hex editor it will say which firmware version. they should both be 3.55

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    skotlin Guest
    How i downgrade my ps3 from 4.11? its fat nor console and i downgrade with E3 flasher, but why i answer here? because there is a lot differences from tutorials and real work.

    i do everything from tutorial but cant get in service mode with dongle. then i in despair after a lot of attempts just take usb stick with lv2diag and rogero fw, put in console and everything pass good. now console is on 3.55

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    racer0018 Guest
    Good deal. It is always good to see people get things working by yourself.

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    Vest1ge Guest
    Just thought i'd try this before I go into looking at the files further, Just starts straight up into the ps3 menu.

    However when i seem to do a successful jailbreak sequence with my ps3 key set to downgrade the console just black screens. Then about 2 mins later goes into ps3 menu.

    After getting annoyed with the clip. I soldered the ProgSkeet onto the PS3. Got good clean dumps. Patched a downgrade with progskeet patcher checked with FlowRebuilder but get verification failed on the write. And when I dump it again and extract it, files are missing or look corrupt.

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    skotlin Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Vest1ge View Post
    but get verification failed on the write. And when I dump it again and extract it, files are missing or look corrupt.
    try flash again, i have same issue but when i see that fails comes one by one i just stop operation and start again flashing and its work.

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    Vest1ge Guest
    Tried multiple times. Same Issue. Going to resolder the entire thing and see if that fixes the issue... Here's hoping.

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