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Thread: PS3 Slim demo questions help?

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    jrccomputer Guest

    PS3 Slim demo questions help?

    I bought a PS3 Demo Unit and had a few question for you guys. I found this thread: which is the one I plan to use.


    1. Can I use PS3 Update from sony?
    2. Do unlock codes work still?
    3. Should I use Custom Firmware will it unlocked demo unit?
    4. Is the serial number on console void (because its a demo unit)?
    5. If I use Custom Firmware can I enable store use?


    Could someone wise please help?

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    G Sus Guest
    I'm far from being wise but here goes.

    it would appear you have a shop demo unit and would like to turn it into a standard retail unit (Cex). if thats the case then i believe these are the answers.

    1 after you convert to retail unit if you update to any official fw above 3.55 you would permanently have a retail unit.
    2 doubtful
    3 probably best only using 3.55 or below (cfw or ofw) just incase you want to revert back to demo.
    4 does the serial number have any importance.
    5 if use rogero latest cfw psn is available.

    im not 100% sure on these answer, but im sure some of the smart people here will correct this if wrong.

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    jrccomputer Guest
    Thanks Bro.

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