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Thread: PS3 Slim 4.53 jailbreak help?

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    kujtimneziraj Guest

    PS3 Slim 4.53 jailbreak help?

    I'm really new in jailbreaking ps3 , can anyone help me i have ps3 version 4.53 150 gb hdd. i need to jailbreak it, this is the photo when i chek it with MinVerChk and the model is CECH-2503A.

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    misiozol Guest
    Sure , what you need is hardware flasher or some one that can do downgrade for you , if you live in US look in here:

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    kujtimneziraj Guest

    Ps3 slim 4.53

    My questions: I WANT TO INSTALL MULTIMAN in my ps3 slim 4.53 (CECH-2503A.)

    Can i install it with USB ? update data of version 3.50 or late can be installed on this system.

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    misiozol Guest
    Yes you did get full answer not even knowing you did , pls do realize to install multiman you need CFW and only way to do so is by downgrading with HARDWARE FLASHER THERE IS NO OTHER WAY.

    minivercheck only is informing that your console can be downgraded that's all.

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    kujtimneziraj Guest
    Ok thanks for the answer , i know that miniverchek. is only for informing that my console can be downgraded.

    But is no way to jailbreak vers. 4.53 ? tell me about the price of hardware flasher ?

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    misiozol Guest
    There are many different flashers, price range differs quite a lot so you would have to check with the supplier.

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