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    HondaGuySi Guest

    PS3 Slim 3.41 help?

    Right now I have a slim 640GB, I have about 30ish games on the hard drive. using the XplainUSB... running FM 3.41

    Problem that I am having, have transfered over Test Drive 2 and Dead Space 2, can't seem to get them to work, Question is should I be upgrading to 3.55 in order to play? Its telling me that the games need 3.50 in order to play.

    Any ideas?

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    F4b10 Guest
    try using modified eboots for those games that need 3.50 + the latest multiman... you shouldn't have problems even without upgrading.

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    severusx Guest
    You can do either option. I personally am staying on 3.41 Hermes CFW for now, but obviously a lot of people are using the 3.55 CFW without issue. Deanrr recommends that you use Kmeaw CFW if you are going to use Multiman. I have tried a few of the eboot mods and they work fine as well.

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