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    Xubair Guest

    Unhappy PS3 slim 2500b repair help?

    hi everyone i have a big prob with my ps3 slim 320gb cfw 4.30 rogero with multiman 4.09. when i turn it on it turns off automatically after a few seconds and sometimes it runs for abt 5 to 10 ten mints or some it runs runs for hour but now its Turing off after a few seconds. i took it to a repair shop and he says its a software prob and he will dump some firmware hash packs or hack packs from a working ps3 and will put them to my ps3 to make it work again and he is asking a big amount for this fix which cant pay.

    so please do help me with my prob btw i know some repairing stuff i mean i know hardware repairing.so everybody please help me and if there is any software fix like the repair shop guy told me please tell me that process.

    i will post the video of my ps3 prob too if anyone wants to figure out my exact prob and plz do help me i will be so thankful to anyone who helps me or those too who doesn't super thanks in advance to everyone. sorry for my bad English

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    greyest Guest
    It certainly looks like hardware problem and not software, my guess is CPU or GPU overheating. Try to place PS3 in some cool place just to check if the time before shutting down increases, there also is some utility to check CPU/GPU temperature, you may be able to look at its readings in time before the console turns off.

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    Xubair Guest
    hey can you plz tell me which utility can check its temperature and i forgot to tell there is no ylod or red blinking light it just power offs completely. please tell me briefly or if you want i can post the video of my ps3 prob.

    thanks again in advance and also for your quick reply

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    akimazaki Guest
    Are you ps3 power supply ok?? try change that with somebody.. if don't work.. maybe your gpu has a problem..

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    Xubair Guest
    i don't have any psu yet but will get it from my friend in a few days and will tell you later. ok if i want to change my cpu or gpu thermal paste can i use any normal thermal paste or some kind of special thermal paste is required and what problem will occur if do it wrong and hey forgot to to tell that my psu model is eadb 200db so can i replace it any other psu or do i have use the same one.

    bro i will upload my video so may be you can help me in better way.super thanks again for such quick reply.

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    akimazaki Guest
    try that first...

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    Xubair Guest
    ok i will try it.

    one more thing do i have to put the psu as mine ps3 already has or it can replaced by any psu from any other slim ps3. let em tell you again i have a EADP-200DB psu

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