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Thread: PS3 Slim 2104 brick dump please help?

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    fscsi81 Guest

    Question PS3 Slim 2104 brick dump please help?


    I have PS3 SLIM 2104 and flasher. I have dump - not valid. Nor is empty

    Please help. Rebuild dump?

    Sorry for my english.

    Files: 4 dumps

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    Vorlone Guest

    I have checked your Dumps but 2 of the Dumps are Bad. The 2 others are same but have any errors but the bootloader, asecure_loader and the rest of your PS3 files are looks like OK.

    I have patched the Dump to Downgrade to 3.55. Classic with Downgrade Stick, Service files and Downgrade PUP (Rogero or Rebug Downgrader999)

    I can not say its work but is a option.


    Hope can help

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    fscsi81 Guest
    Not working... USB off. No volt in USB. PSJB not working...

    I found 5 dump. Maybe this?

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    Vorlone Guest
    Hy, the 5 dumps are full of errors, but I have edit the dumps to one with all files insert (metldr, bootloader, etc.....).

    One File is to Downgrade 355 and the other is the Orginal Dump (i hope so).

    The dumps are Byte-swaped for Flashing (NO SWAPING is needed).

    If its fail than I'm sorry but without a good dump the chance to bring back your PS3 is going to zero.

    Here the link:

    Please tell us the Flasher you use, Model number of the PS3, what Firmware is Installed.

    Hope its work.

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    fscsi81 Guest
    E3 Flasher Limited edition is installed is my console. I have Progskeet - maybe this?

    Firmware 4.41 - old.
    Firmware is not installed clip - nor crash dump.
    PS3 Slim 2104A - Date Code 0B

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    Vorlone Guest

    you use the Progskeet 1.2 or 1.21. At first you must modificate this proger. The Resistor at R7 must be unsoldered and soldert to R8 (The resistor have 0 Ohm so you can set a Solderpoint or a switch to select Nand (R7 Closed R8 Open) or Nor (R7 Open R8 Closed) flashing)

    At second you need the newest Bitstream and Winskeet (

    The Progskeet 1.2 have a wrong Bitstream installed for Nor flashing, he can read it but not write it.

    At third you must Solder the Nor Tristate at P5 on Progskeet. (Do not install the 3.3V to Progskeet from PS3, only the GND)

    The flashing with Progskeet 1.2 can take a while but it work.

    Sometimes Winskeet give me an Write/Verifery error but if I read the Nor there is all OK

    Or Install E3 Flasher but this Hardware flasher I dont have.

    Test it. Hope can help

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    fscsi81 Guest
    What this (NO SWAPPING is needed)? I must TRISTATE -> SBE connect? I have Progsket 1.2.

    The best bitstream to my progskeet? You know? Progskeet 1.2 in Winskeet configuration is special? (to write/read)

    I have this dump only have one error eEID5 rest is OK

    Maybe this rebuild?

    NORInspector show only one error in eEID5

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    Vorlone Guest
    No (byte-)swapping means, that you can Flash directly without modification the Flashfile (sorry but a little bit of own initiative)

    A new Bitstream and Winskeet (Winskeet_130721_0313) for Progskeet 1.2 you can download here:

    The Progskeet 1.2 must be modification to work with NOR Flashs (See my last Post)

    The last dump from you was a Downgrade PUP to 3.55 and looks like OK, but that say nothing.

    If you have NO good dump (and no experience with Flashing)... GOOD BY PS3.

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