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    metzen Guest

    PS3 Slim 2001A will not power on help?

    Quick question for anyone that has any ideas. I picked up a PS3 Slim 2001A from ebay and it was dropped on the corner where the power button is. After opening the unit up I noticed the ribbon cable for the power and eject is torn. I have another on the way but are there any other things I can try on this unit before proceeding any further?

    I am not seeing any power indicator when plugging in the power and I have not attempted any video tests to any TV.

    Thanks in advance for any input.

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    Transient Guest
    I've never opened up a Slim, but isn't the power LED integrated into the button? I would expect if the ribbon is damaged that the LED isn't going to light up either. Also, there's the potential for a short in the cable and possibly the buttons if those are damaged as well.

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    metzen Guest
    Thanks for the response. I will wait for the ribbon cable and do a followup. The good news here is when I plug power into the unit the wireless light does come on. I tried plugging in my ps3 controller and turning it on that way but its not sync'd with it.

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    nintendo Guest
    I had a dodgy power/eject ribbon cable on my slim. the whole panel didn't light up at all. after examining the ribbon i see that some of the copper appear to have come off. I managed to get it to work again by trimming the end of the ribbon by a mm with a pair of sissors..

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    metzen Guest
    Thanks for all the input and help. The new ribbon cable and the PS3 are working! For anyone else with this issue check that ribbon cable for the power eject board. In my situation it was torn so getting those contacts to try and work was a lost cause. I can't tell you how great it felt when I saw the red light appear. Synced my controller and tested out the features. Please mark this thread as answered!

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