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    Confused PS3 Slim 160 GB CFW 4.40 hack help?

    I'm new to the PS3 system and really want to know how to hack it. Have seen a lot of posts in several sites and don't know in what to trust.. My fear is to not be able to access psn anymore or earn the games trophies

    My goal is to download and play all the games and be able to play them online, but don't know what to do! I soon appreciate any help!!

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    in what firmware you are? and what the cech 2501 2511 or 3k?

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    2511 are those with metldr2? o.O

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    My CFW is 4.40 and I have no idea of what the rest of your question is

    Please explain, is it crucial to hack the device?

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    Ok so you are in a cfw i dont get it what you really want ??

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    I want to be able to download the ps3 games and play them, without being banned from psn, play online . I don't know if my cfw can do this, and if I have to update the system or something like this.

    the only thing I know is that I have to install multiman, but I don't know if I can simply do this and if I can, don't know how run games from the external hd and play them online, is that possible?

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    Yes you can play games off the external & play online just stay away from the COD series, but first you have to check your PS3 model
    number you'll find like this CECHxxxx a, if the number is below 3000 not 3000, below it, then yes you can downgrade using a hardware
    flasher. after downgrading you can install a CFW, because from what you're saying you have an OFW not CFW, am i right.

    have a nice day.

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    My model, as I saw at the back of the console, is CECH 3001. And what is the difference on OFW and CFW? Is in 4.40, but it was made by the console through the psn.. And if I have to downgrade, what is it and how can i make it?

    I want find a way to make it possible, but don't wanna brick or nothing

    Thanks for all the answers!

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    Difference between CFW and OFW is CFW is custom Firmware, basically a hacked console, and OFW is Official Firmware, a Sony controlled console.

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    The CECH-3001A models can't be downgraded, the reason for this is because of the metldr 2.0 file which can't support downgrade,
    all that you can do now is to continue playing original bd's & wait a little bit for another scene revolution, sorry for the
    disappointment & have nice day.

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