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Thread: PS3 Skyrim 3 and blu ray drive help?

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    jaiter Guest

    PS3 Skyrim 3 and blu ray drive help?

    I have downloaded skyrim 3 times can't get it to work. The first one did nothing the next one which was the bles version worked until you seen the logo on the screen with the 3 options which did nothing.

    So I downloaded the blus version which everyone said worked and same thing get to new game load game and credits and does nothing. The only thing I think it could be is that the blu ray drive is dead. Does skyrim need a blu ray inserted to work? Thanks.

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    G Sus Guest
    skyrim dosen't work discless. (as far as i'm aware) try backing up from original game disc, not downloading.

    unless you know for definite the bluray drive is dead, cos if so then that's probably the problem.

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    racer0018 Guest
    As stated before yes Skyrim needs to have a blu-ray inside to get the game to work. thanks

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    jaiter Guest
    Yes I know the rom is dead won't even read cd's was thinking that it needed the rom to work so I will have to look for one thanks

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