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    Unhappy PS3 Silicon Power portable Hard Drive help?

    Hello, every one...

    few days ago i bought a Silicon Power portable Hard Drive Stream S10 , for my ps3 Slim, for playing ps3 games as a external hard drive, but unfortunately this Portable HD can not recognized from Multiman and Rogero for playing ps3 game from any one could help me please, Note that it already formatted in fat32, and i used disk partition tools for it but nothing happened... please help me regarding this topic please

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    What is the capacity of the external hard drive? Is the usb version 3.0?Is the hard drive showing up on the ps3 xmb? I mean before launching Multiman?

    If it not recognized by the ps3 at all, it may be due to the fact that the ps3 slim usb port lacks enough power to operate the external HDD. Which is odd cos some other brands of hdd of same capacity (usually 1Tb/terabyte) have been shown to work on the same slim ps3 console!

    It had been reported by some gamers. Some say the same hdd would work on a phat ps3. Others say they got it to work on the slim console only by using an A.C. powered usb hub (that had it's own power adapter for plugging to power source). Amazon has such hubs.

    Good luck.

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    Thank you, for your reply... its capacity is 750 GB, yes its USB version is 3.0, yes, before launching Multiman the hard drive showing up on the ps3 xmb.

    and also when ever i try to copy any games from my ps3 by using Multiman and Rogero to this Silicon Power portable Hard Drive Stream S10 (750 GB) the whole ps3 system going to hang...

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