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Thread: PS3 shuts off randomly after replacing blu ray lens

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    youarenotkey Guest

    PS3 shuts off randomly after replacing blu ray lens

    Okay, before everyone tells me to call Sony and ask for a "coffin" to exchange my PS3, please read my story first.

    I've had my PS3 for about 2 years now. So it's out of warranty. I've opened it up and replaced the KEM-400AAA by myself. It's DEFINITELY out of warranty. I'm going to get decked with the $150 charge or more or Sony may not even help me out.

    So anyway, I've replaced my KEM-400AAA with much success. My PS3 is now able to play disc games better than ever. It'd be great, but it seems like now my PS3 can't stay on for more than 20 minutes. I don't know if it's an overheating problem but I know that it does not go into standby after shutting off. There is no "beeping three times" and there is no red light. It shuts off and it stays off. Even toggling the power switch a few times does not bring it back to standby. I usually have to unplug it, forget about it, come back, re-plug it and it'll turn on again.

    Any suggestions as to what could've happened? I did rip the optical sensor wire as I was opening the blu-ray drive but that shouldn't impose a problem like that, right? I'm obviously not afraid to open it up again and replace another part but I have no idea what part could be broken now! Please help guys and much thanks in advance. I have this topic on the Playstation boards but I feel like no one will help. @[email protected]

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    dock12 Guest
    As by your description I'd say its a cooling problem.

    I am not sure if it is possible to keep the case open and run it. Try to put it in front of a ventliator to make sure its cool.

    If yours is about 2 years old you might try and clean the internals. Give it some air. I think it wouldnt do anything bad. Everything that should be spinning does ?

    .. its just what I would go for.


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    GZA1984 Guest


    Did you check if there's a short circuit somewhere?

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    dock12 Guest
    I dont think a short circuit is causing the problem. If it is usually about 20 mins before it shuts down I bet its about heat/cooling the system.

    cooler, heatsink, dust ... I cant guarantee anything but it sounds like this kind of trouble.

    Anything else would cause instant trouble like not booting at all.


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    modzila Guest


    if you really want to check whether this is a heat issue, you could buy a heat gun for 25.

    it could be the power fluctuations? Where did you get the replacement unit from?

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    idone Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by youarenotkey View Post
    I did rip the optical sensor wire
    I'd repair this before troubleshooting any further.

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    dock12 Guest
    I guess he fixed it already. At least his post reads as he did.


    PS: I wonder if youarenotkey is still with us

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    xUb3rn00dlEx Guest
    Maybe you damaged something that allows for cooling the system? Check there first. Congrats on the DIY fix though. Glad it worked out for you! Use a compressor or can to blast the dust out (especially if in a dusty place and what not such as floor etc.) What does it stand on?

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