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    metzen Guest
    Just to be sure we are on the same page you are trying to perform a system update through the restore menu with these hard drives correct?

    Please format from a computer with the instructions below:

    To format the HDD you'll need to

    1.) Go to Control Panel --> Administrative Tools --> Computer Management. This has an older windows feel to it, but on the left hand side you'll see Storage, under that (you may have to click and expand it) you'll see Disk Management.
    2.) Click on the expand field for the hard drives
    3.) In the middle window will come up the hard drives. You should see it there (It'll likely have a series of letters, followed by numbers). You may not be able to format it into FAT32 format with it being such a large disk drive (windows doesn't like giving you any non-MS file format for large disks). But doing a NTFS format should work.
    4.) Put the hard drive back in the PS3 (be ready with a USB thumbdrive with the system software on it,
    5.) Hopefully, your PS3 will boot up, and prompt you to install the software on to the hard drive.

    Please post back with the results you get. Thanks

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    TheIronArmy Guest
    yes this is correct, I've formatted all the drives i've tried with the method you've mentioned above. formatting into ntfs prompts the HDD is inaccessible error on the drives,when i attempt to install via update, another option I did was used the command line "Format /X /FS:FAT32 /V:PS3" (when installed into the computer,it registers as Dev0 without a drive letter, and i have to assign one, etc.

    I have also checked the health of these drives using HDD regenerator 2011, and none have bad, or delayed sectors. turning the PS3 on,doesn't prompt a format,or an update install, it just continues to shut itself down after 20 seconds, with no beep, and no blinking lights. (it goes from green to red). the only way I get any prompt or menu is by booting into restore mode (waiting for the beeps).

    After many trial and error last night, and taking it apart and cleaning/checking everything detailed under a magnifying glass,& spotlight, I couldn't find any damage, burns,bubbles,scratches,etc. to the motherboard or it's components. I replaced the thermal paste again (to rule out a thermodynamic issue), and tested the blue ray drive's voltage, and the hdd voltage. all drives spin up under restore menu(only), and HDD indicator lights up (yellow), when attempting an option.

    My initial conclusion is that there is an error with firmware that was/wasn't installed, and it needs to be installed again in a "safe" mode. My system had 2.76 installed (and was installing to 2.80) as I am not able to see the xmb anymore since the update loop, I was wondering if it is possible to enter/activate Factory Service Mode and update the firmware (with no bluray fix) that I compiled.

    If I am correct, because the system has never seen an update past 2.80, theoretically pushing a "factory" update higher (like 3.55 or 3.41) would work without the need of a HW Flasher, as at that point it is just considered an upgrade, not a downgrade?

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    metzen Guest
    You have done everything that I could possibly think of doing on this system.

    I'm going to suggest you post in the marketplace to racer0018 and send him a msg to see what the cost would be to get this in working order. This is the last resort effort. He is very knowledgeable and would be able to assist you better with your unique problem with this system.

    Good luck.

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    TheIronArmy Guest

    Question Firmware/BIOS?

    If I am correct the PS3's Firmware stored on either the two NAND, or the single NOR chip(s), is the same thing as a laptop's BIOS, in the sense that it handles the Basic Input Output Systems between the (Hard-Coded) PS3's O/S and the Hardware on the PS3 (ie, Blue-ray, HDD, WiFI, Bluetooth, USB, etc.)?

    I figure that my problem is not physically Hardware perse,but actually an error between the POST scan, and the CMOS (Or equivalent, EEPROM, etc.) firmware installed?

    In my theory, since I know the hardware to be functioning,yet not communicating with the O/S, leads me to believe it is a result from the botched update to Firmware 2.80 therefore as with safe mode in a computer (or booting into a BIOS menu), entering factory service mode should allow me the ability to push the proper 2.80 Update via USB storage?

    Though, i'm not sure any of this is even possible,or correct, i'm just trying to think myself here, if there is a way around the conflict, and if Factory Service Mode is possible with firmware 2.80 would a dongle, psp w/cfw,android phone, or script be able to activate the FSM?

    Thank you very much for your continued provided help, I know this has been a confusing, and frustrating task.

    Alright, Thank you again for your help, i'm gonna give it another go tonight,and see what happens, i'll keep that in mind, and most likely will be doing that if I can't figure this out. thank you again, you've been very helpful with your responses.

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    racer0018 Guest
    Most of the time when updating there is a problem with hardware and that can be any where from a ribbon cable not connected or the another plug that is not connected. I would take it apart and make sure all is connected to the ps3 correct. You could also try rogero 3.55 and see if that does it cause this Cfw doesn't check for alot of things that ofw does. Thanks and let me know if it works.

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