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Thread: PS3 shuts down after 5 seconds help?

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    trulex Guest

    PS3 shuts down after 5 seconds help?

    Please see this video, problem is same to me

    that problem is because my ps3 is updating and shut down on 40% and problem is from that:

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    TGXclusive Guest
    restart your router and try again, that might work

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    technodon Guest
    you bricked it, you need to solder the nor tristate wire and flash a working backup

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    racer0018 Guest
    It does look like a brick. What kind of ps3 is it, that would help on the course of action you have to take. If your personal information is there on the flash you might be able to save it by reading the flash and then patching your information to another flash. If not then then there is no saving. Thanks

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    nanito13 Guest
    it seems like a hacked ps3 ? what was the steps you was taking that produced this problem ? what type of flash hacking are you using ? there is a 90% chance that you bricked it using wrong steps with hacking it i hope it goes fine for you

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    racer0018 Guest
    Doesn't really give a clear cut answer that it is or was hacked. The only thing he said was he was updating it and then shut down in the middle of the update. If he doesn't have a flasher then he might have to get one or send it to someone that will work on it for him. Thanks

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    rijsttafel Guest
    Can you go to recovery mode? Maybe this works.

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