I'm trying to get the filesize of the self by reading the header. With files under 1 mb that works fine, but for some reason files above 1 mb don't give me the proper file size.

PS3 Self Read Problem help?-lv2ldr-png

HeaderSize (RED) = 0x0580 = 1408
EncryptedSize (BLUE) = 0x017078 = 94328

Total FileSize = HeaderSize + EncryptedSize = 95736

PS3 Self Read Problem help?-lv2ldr_size-png

As you can see this is correct but when i do the same with a file over 1 mb I get this.

PS3 Self Read Problem help?-lv2_kernel-png

HeaderSize (RED) = 0x0500 = 1280
EncrtpyedSize (BLUE) - 0x359398 = 3511192

Total FileSize = HeaderSize + EncryptedSize = 3512472

PS3 Self Read Problem help?-lv2_kernel_size-png

And that's not right, does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?