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Thread: PS3 SD card slot

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    kcua626 Guest

    PS3 SD card slot


    It's my first post here,

    just a quick question, anyone tried using SDHC cards on the SD card slot of the PS3? I'm planning to get one for transferring files between my laptop, desktop and PS3.

    Quick search in google reveals this:

    anyone can confirm this?


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    jabberosx Guest
    Mine 2GB one works perfectly. I'd suggest to put it in a camera and format it. That way it will be fat32 and work fine or outof box put it in ps3 and format it using the format utility then it should wor just fine. The ps3 does support them. So i dont see why they should not work.

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    ongi4444 Guest
    i have testet slim sd cards with adaptor but they dont funtionise for me!

    from a nokia handy

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