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Thread: PS3 saying its too hot even with fan mod help?

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    fraz422 Guest

    PS3 saying its too hot even with fan mod help?

    Hey , so I've got two ps3's. One hacked and one with OFW, they both managed to get YLoD recently. My hacked one works perfectly after being fixed with just the hairdryer trick. The other , the non hacked one was fixed with a reflow kit heat gun and new thermopaste. Both have the fan mods to increase the fan speed to keep them extra cool.

    However my OFW keeps saying its too hot and beeping after the second message it turns itself off. It doesn't feel hot and the playstation if works fine. Sooo is my ps3 bullshitting me and been a cautious pussy or is it actually screwed?

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    TheShroomster Guest
    There are temp sensors near the cpu / gpu and if overheated on the reflow it could damage them. hopefully thats not what happened

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    racer0018 Guest
    What kind of paste did you use. And is the heat sink tight and good against the chips. Did you use flux when you reflowed it.

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    fraz422 Guest
    Ehm well I bought a kit of ebay. It has Halnziye thermal paste on both chips. Liquid flux was used on both sides on the board and I also put copper plates on as well which were included in the kit

    Sorry for the double post. After ten minutes of play it says it's too hot and warns me to shut off I can immediately turn the play station back on and resume playing for another ten minutes. I think this definitely indicates its the temperature sensor on the console. Is there any way or disabling or fixing the sensor ? I would love a software fix but sadly this is my ofw ps3 we're talking about.

    I found this tutorial to disable the temperature sensor but it appears to be complete crap. , after disassembling the ps3 I couldn't find any temp. sensor or wires connecting it to the mother board. Can some please help me fix this problem !!

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    brendanj9554 Guest
    ok, so when you turn on your system after 15 - 30 seconds the msg appears to the top right hand side of the xmb... and the system blows cold / cool air out from the vents at the back? >> i already know the answer, had the same a few months back. you need to replace the thermal paste

    below the heatspreaders. you have already changed the paste between spreaders and heatsinks yes?.. the reason it will blow cold air and still say its overheating is because the heat is STILL on the gpu/cpu chips so the sensors will pick up instantly and shut down to prevent damage.

    cpu/gpu heats up, heat is transferred to the heatspreaders via thermal paste, and then further transferred from the spreaders to the heatsink again via thermal paste, then on to the fan and sent into the atmosphere. hope this helps buddy. need any help just ask.

    and scrap the shims and the fan mod, they will only shorten your ps3's life. the shims are pointless, just another way for ppl to make money on obvious console faults, with even more obvious solutions,

    copper shims >> need to use x2 as much paste (both sides) they can only conduct the heat that is supplied to them > so its all on the paste itself

    fan mod. pointless, the increase in fan speed indicates a possible problem. its there for a reason... full speed is not gonna fix future faults, or keep it cooler... again its all on the paste

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    fraz422 Guest
    So are you saying too much or too little thermal paste? Should I completely remove all thermal paste with alcohol and start again or what?

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