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    [UnAnswered] PS3 Savedata question?

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    I just received my new 320GB 7200RPM so I m going to backup the PS3 and restore it in the new HDD (still hope it will only backup the files and not the partition, I want to regain my 10Gb lost from the Linux in OtherOS install).

    I saw in other threads that the save data are saved in HDD0\Home\0001\Savedata , but were are the savedata from the game I start with Open manager / backupmanager/ Awsome Mountpoint manager ?!?!

    I played Dirt2 for at least 3 month in a row and when I backed it up and played with it from the internal HDD, it did not take my saved game !
    I searched for a place were I could copy my save game using FTP but did not find a place !
    I started a Marvel Ultimate Alliance game with Awsome mountpoint manager and the save game seams to be in HDD0\home\0001\Savedata as well !

    Is there anything I need to know ?

    I will make a complete backup of my system, and then restore in the new HDD.
    But then I would like to copy the save game I used without the jailbreak to the right place once I install the game with the jailbreak !

    Please help!

    Thanks in advance

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    I'm pretty sure all game saves are in 00001/Savedata

    maybe you had installed updates on Dirt2 and since backups dont have updates it wont load the game save until you update the game. happened to me on PES 2010

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    Ho ! That make sense !!

    That means the games are not installed at the same place ? It would have used the same gamedata and savedata when I started the game with awesome mountpoint manager.

    Is there anyway to copy the old gamedata so that the game will start with the updates it has ? SO then the savedata will work too ? Or maybe a way to download updates on the internet and update the game using USB stick ?


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