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Thread: PS3 save game help?

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    omegaalpha Guest

    Red Face PS3 save game help?

    Hello I am Omega I am a new user here and have been banned from Sony PSN because I made a mistake on registration.

    I have 10 Years on Savegame data that currently needs to be re assigned to my new user on new PSN with 18 purchased games.

    I used PARAMSFO editor aldos tools version 2.88 and it keeps on refusing to load my edited games giving me a corrupted file error.

    I know there is a cfw version that has an option for save game sharing.

    how do convert my PS3 to CFW. If you can help me please.

    Thanks A lot

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    windrider42 Guest
    Tutorial posted here -

    How to convert your PS3 to CFW

    Read here - Everything you need to know -

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    Kraken Guest
    The BruteforceSaveData tool for Windows can extract your key from a save made on your PS3 and inject it into a save made on another PS3. I've used it to move save files between my consoles. I don't think it requires CFW.

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    windrider42 Guest
    Yes your right, you can use BruteForceSaveData Tool by Aldostools and it doesn't require being on CFW

    I have used it myself for saves on different OFW PS3.

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