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    PS3 Save Game Date using a MAC help?

    Need some help with transferring SAVE GAME DATA from my friend.

    I've been looking all thru the different posts for help. I've tried everything I can. From what I can tell I can't use my friend's SAVE GAME DATA b/c it's encrypted for his PS3. I've read about the decrypter, but its only for a PC. Is there a MAC work around?

    Just FYI, my PS3 is the old FAT 120GB, system OS is the most current, and it isn't jailbroken.

    Any help please.

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    Use Parallels or some other VM to run Windows on your Mac. Or build a linux box and try that. You aren't really going to see many Mac solutions with homebrew software, sorry.

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    use a virtual machine to run linux or windows, mac solutions are really not popular for homebrew software right now.

    use this software to run a virtual machine its free and it works really well.


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