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    tonybologna Guest

    PS3 Save/File Resigner possible?

    Guys when are we going to see something like Modio for the 360? I mean we don't have a PS3 file resigner. That's something we need in dealing with offline saves. Sure, we have PS3 Save Unlocker but it's not the same thing.

    You still need to have a save of the same type on HDD to use PS3 Save Unlocker. You still need to have the PARAM.SFO file from both your save on HDD as well as the offline save.

    If we had a PS3 save resigner we wouldn't need that all together. Just take an offline save, resign to your profile, and off you go. I can't believe there's been no news about some hacker/developer working on something like this.

    It's been a good while since jailbreak was announced and we have nothing like this available. I mean Modio and other save resigners have been around for the 360 for a long time now. We need a file resigner for the PS3. Don't you agree guys? Is it that hard to get around the protection to make an application for these tasks on the PS3 system? Thanks!

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    Apr 2005
    I moved this here as it's a question vs PS3 Hacks news, hopefully someone will answer it although chances are the answer is "it will come when someone makes one."

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    tonybologna Guest
    Sorry about that! I didn't realize the PS3 Hacks section was news related material only. This really isn't for help & support either though. It's a topic for general chat about a PS3 file/save resigner. I won't get any real answers because there's not one available!

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by tonybologna View Post
    I won't get any real answers because there's not one available!
    Indeed, for now I suppose we'll mark it as answered then with the hope that one will come in the future.

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