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    pepsicolla Guest

    PS3 RSOD repair dump help?

    I have been trying to repair a lot of rsod systems most L01 models which suck. I have fixed several that had bad sectors in the CVTRM.

    For some reason the l01 models while I have found bad sectors in the CVTRM and edited them it still did not fix the rsod. I am able to get them all to 3.55 rsod bypass fw but they dont play games and upon installing ofw 3.55 they go right back to rsod. I have ran both rsod repairs on them but still no luck. I read a member by the name of Susoft is very good with the rsod.

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    windrider42 Guest
    If the RSOD keeps coming back, then its hardware issue

    1. Corrupted area of flash known as VTRM
    2. Hardware failure (Probably the GPU)

    You may have to get the GPU reballed or fix Nor/Nand with hardware flasher, and or replacement.

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