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  1. #1
    keithf2 Guest

    PS3 with RSOD help?

    Anyone got any ideas about fixing this problem. have changed the hard drive 4 times, etc

  2. #2
    misiozol Guest
    How about for starters you tell us what console and what FW , or that is some secret ?

  3. #3
    keithf2 Guest
    Console CECHL03, date code 8D, FW 4.5

  4. #4
    misiozol Guest
    M8 is it so hard to give us all details what FW: official 4.5 or CFW , if it's CFW who made it ? , how it come to this you have RSOD evaluate !!!

  5. #5
    keithf2 Guest
    Official 4.5

  6. #6
    misiozol Guest
    Happy to hear it , now if you can answer my other question would be gr8.

  7. #7
    keithf2 Guest
    what was the other question, was it How comes this this you have RSOD, if that was the question, the answer is I dont know.

  8. #8
    JeoWay Guest
    You need a flasher.

  9. #9
    keithf2 Guest
    Ok whats a flasher and what will I do with it.

  10. #10
    elser1 Guest
    search on the e3 and do some research. after that we can help you if you need mate

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