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Thread: PS3 RSOD help?

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    erwin5599 Guest

    Question PS3 RSOD help?

    Hi there and apologies in advance for my lack of understanding of the technical side of the PS3. Yep , I have the RSOD. Now I've checked most of the threads and it appears I may have information overload.

    Issue: I have an 80GB Model CECHL02 Software System 3.41.I tried to load the software system to 3.42 and it failed. I had the PS3 in for service in 2010. Now I get the RSOD. (Reason for not keeping on top of this is that my wife and I have a baby).

    The only thing I can do is after the 3 beeps is get asked to place the controller into th eusb port, then, I get the 6 menu options. 1 Restart System 2 Restore Default Settings, 3 Restore File System, 4 Rebuild DB, 5 Restore PS 3TM System, 6 System Update.I tried 3 but to no avail.

    Proposed Solutions
    Now, I've read the PS3 wiki, which involves the RSODfix Lv2diag.self v0.1 - FULL and COMPLETE Red Screen of Death solution.

    However, it seems that I also need to have the Factory / Service Mode fix too, before I can start on the PS 3 developer wiki fix (above). Is this correct? (this includes adding 1. NORSOD patched PUP & 2. NORSOD patched PUP. I'm a bit confused as to how I go about loading this to the PS3). Any advice or tutorials would be appreciated.

    Many thanks

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    Erz Guest
    This maybe not the best answer but, have you try to re-install your Firmware from recovery menu?

    Since you're still in 3.41, try to get Sony Official 3.41 Update PUP. Go to Recovery Menu (The one that have 6 menu option you mention before) and choose the 6th option (System Update) and update it via your USB.

    I hope this helps

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    brendanj9554 Guest
    if you have tried to re-install the firmware and your still in the loop. post your error code, it can give good insight as to what is causing the problem, i did a ylod repair on one of mine, and tried to update, i got stuck in the loop. but the error code told me it was the bd flash at 98% it would give an error, > i double checked the ribbon and it wasnt seated correctly..

    alls i am trying to say, if it gives an error code, thats your first clue.

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