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Thread: PS3 RSOD after change vsh.self.swp help?

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    tranvanthien Guest

    PS3 RSOD after change vsh.self.swp help?

    Hi all !

    After edit some file rco to delete some icon in XMB. i used rebug selector to change mode from normal to rebug (rebug 3.55.2 up0.6) then restart ps3 and after startup my ps3 is RSOD.

    Please help me.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Which vsh.self you use the retail or debug one ?

    Reinstall same OFW via Rescue Menu this should fix the RSOD in first.

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    tranvanthien Guest
    Actually i edit these file nas_plugin.rco, netconf_plugin.rco, np_multisignin_plugin.rco, npsignin_plugin.rco, software_update_plugin.rco, sysconf_plugin.rco, system_plugin.rco. to disable software update in system update menu, and remove some icons not use in PSN XMB.

    After replace these file i saw in debug settings almost setting had messed if i chose one the ps3 will freeze. I saw there is file vsh.self.swp,vsh.self.dexsp in dev_flash. i think these file is temp file so i delete them.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Hehehe my frind ^^ you cant easely just delate files but this now you've learned by your owen

    Be carefull till you know what your doing. Do as i have told you reinstall OFW via Rescue Menu and by the way buy a hardware flasher or do your owen one like teensy2+ NORway and similar then you can do such task's and flash back your previous made backup if something goes wrong.

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    tranvanthien Guest

    i've just flash ofw 3.55 in recovery mode and it worked now.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    That's great and don't forget be careful to have a lot fun with your PS3.

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    tranvanthien Guest

    PS3 system very complicate. If something wrong it will die. Not easy as PC.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    This is true. I never learned that IT stuff in scool or something else but i never have bricked one single con with my mod's and hack's i worked on. Just think twice and analyse till you understand what your doing. Sure there is always a risk to brick your con. I've sweating blood some times i have tested some new thing's but it always went fine.

    Good luck

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    niwakun Guest
    if you're in REBUG CFW, you cant do "any" modification on the firmware itself, unless it is a official update with REBUG.

    if you want any modifications done, like you said, you want to removed the sony server links on the firmware itself. Please use MFW application to do the job.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Why should this not be change able ? If played much around on the first days of cfw (remeber on ACID?) and RCO's are often (up to never) not fw binded. You can mix them up with no probs.

    Also most of the other fw files like sprx's and a few self's can be changed/swapped without bricking the con as long you use files of the same fw version. It depends on a few things like which use it has.

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