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    PS3 Retail / CEX 4.31 downgrade help?

    Can I downgrade this console or use with CFW ? CECH-2503B DataCode: 0C I search from few days ... but can't do anything.

    In past I remember I was Jailbreak this ps3 by service mode and USB stick ... then i back to official firmware. Now I don't know how I do this ... any one can help plz?

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    Hi you can downgrade your ps3 but only way now is use a flasher. Use only usb stick is not working long time ago. Thanks

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    Use this guide to see if the ps3 is downgradeable.

    If it and you don't want to do it, I will do it for as I have a area in the for sale section. Thanks.

    If you do want to do it you will have to use an e3, progskeet or a teensy. Thanks.

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    i just bought a slim ps3 320gb cech 3012b ofw 4.41. i'm searching every where to get it jailbreaked. no luck though. is there any other way other way other than the flasher?

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    You have to use a hardware flasher for it or send it to someone that will downgrade it for you.

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