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    Quote Originally Posted by kngviv View Post
    What will the Restore PS3 System in the recovery menu do? Does it restore mine to the stock 3.50 that it came with or will it still look for 3.56? As I think that's the only option left...
    That will reformat the HD, and if you have a Slim, require you to have a working PUP to finish the setup so I would avoid that. Who did the last update on your PS3? I am not aware of a spoof to 3.56 for 3.41 unless they used the MFW tool to create it. I would recommend that you try to use the MFW tool to create a CFW based on 3.41 that spoofs it's version as 3.56. That should install fine.

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    Sorry for the late reply severusx, yes, I do have a Slim...I was reading that if I downgrade to a lower fw than 3.41 (ex 3.15), it may work and I tried that as well, but it sits on with the flashing green light when I did that...

    I was also reading that we may use a debug 3.15 fw which may help, I dont know if I should be even using it as I am a normal user... if you know anything about it, then I am ready to try that as well...

    And about the last update, I am the only user on the PS3, so I did it and I am 100% sure, I was on 3.55, then downgraded to 3.41.

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    Factory/ Service mode, 3.41 retail, and lv2diag.self files.
    Quote Originally Posted by severusx View Post
    I am not aware of a spoof to 3.56 for 3.41
    to download from 3.55 was achieved by doing this that is why the 3.55 downgrade pack differs from the other one (PSDowngrade) he modified a 3.41 for the PS3 to see it as 3.56 which allowed downgrade to a core OS that would accept jailbreak, but most tutorials neglected to tell you to install 3.41 retail to prevent problems like this, I thought you would be able to achieve this through Recovery Mode.
    Quote Originally Posted by kngviv View Post
    I was on 3.55, then downgraded to 3.41.
    Try downgrading to 3.40 OFW or 3.30 OFW then back up to 3.55 OFW then 3.55 CFW.
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    on a usb stick download fw you want put it in a folder UPGRADE and put that in a folder PS3 and should be ok.. if not pull out your hdd plug into computer formatr then reinstall to ps3 and try it that way.

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    Thanks elser1 and bitsbubba... I will try the 3.40 OFW tonight and I am assuming that I need to put the console in Service Mode with the downgrader and try the downgrade with the Lv2 File one with the OFW...

    If that fails, then I am going to format my HDD on a computer to NTFS and then put it back into the console, then try 3.55 OFW n CFW...

    Yay!!! Finally, success! Thanks to all the people who answered my question, severusx, bitsbubba and elser1...

    I downgraded to 3.40 OFW with the Lv2 File and it worked... then upgraded to 3.55 OFW and CFW...I am soo happy now...thanks again guys!

    Mod, you can close this thread, my question is answered... is the BEST!
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