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    Mykz Guest

    Cool PS3 restore help?

    Hi guys , i was just wanting to know if i restore my ps3.

    Will i lose my jailbreak ? I haven't seem to find anything online about it, unless i'm looking in wrong place. So any help willdo, cheers

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    misiozol Guest
    Restore to what ?

  3. #3
    Mykz Guest
    i want to do a system restore , and i'm on rogero 4.50. just want to know if i'll lose my jailbreak if i restore the ps3

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    bbb21 Guest
    No you wont lose your jailbreak it will just restore all the setting and wipe the HDD.

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    mavD Guest
    My PS3 needs help as well.

    Coming from 3.55 then accidentally updates it to 4.46 then I tried everything to downgrade, but unfortunately every halfway through 7x% error 80XXXXX

    Now I am stuck. Badly need your help

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