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Thread: PS3 Restore/game saves not there help?

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    hackster321 Guest

    PS3 Restore/game saves not there help?

    Hi guys, i recently backed up my ps3 onto a portable hdd which took about 130GB.

    I then formatted the ps3 and restored it. everything went back to normal except the fact that all the game saves that i had are not there anymore and my main reason for backing up the ps3 was for the saves. Is there something your supposed to do after you restore to get the game saves back or what?


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    Denida Guest
    PS3 saves? Ps1-2? And when you restored it no problems?

    You are on the same account you had the save files?

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    hackster321 Guest
    ya the ps3 saves were gone, but im in the process of restoring it again.

    Last time i didn't check all the users, only one. I'll take your advice and go back onto my original lol ty

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