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    PS3 remarry question help?

    just got a 40gb ps3 on 3.50 ofw with no drive but i do have a 40gb drive and a drive board from another 40gb ps3

    i have read i need to install rebug 999 then upgrade to latest rebug 4.41 then all will be good, but i have also read i need a fsm dongle and a psp ??

    can someone please point me in right way or just give me a correct tutorial.


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    Follow this guide. The ps3 has to be on 3.55 and yes you need something to put the ps3 into service mode. You could use a psp to do this.

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    hi i still have my programmable AT90USB162 from back in the day jailbreaking will it do the job?

    how can i update to 3.55 if i have not got a married drive tho?

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    Update to rogero 3.55 Cfw and if you can find the hex to program that then it will work. Thanks.

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    cheers bud you are a legend. i'm looking for the correct hex but i can't remember which or even where the hex files were.

    also i think the AT90USB162 uses teensy hex but which i can't remember.

    any help in getting my ps3 into factory service mode using AT90USB162 dongle in order to remarry drive?

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