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    PS3 Releases in front page ?

    Hi , I just noticed that you added "PS3 Releases" column in your front page , I wonder , did you got a way to play them ?

    PS . My first post , so hi everybody!

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    Not on Retail PS3 consoles... but that block is old actually. We readded it finally, as it has been missing in action since our new Portal began last year. We had it back when we used vBAdvanced with the dark look for our Portal... if anyone remembers that far back.

    FYI It's just a mirror of the last 5 releases from here:

    PS: Welcome aboard, nice @ first post!

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    Ohhh , I was thiking that there is something new around - my bad -

    cuz I just started visiting this site with the blue portal only

    Sorry for starting useless threads BTW

    PS . Thanks for welcoming me

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    Welcome Imperial

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